Which culture is more ‘black’ and which is more multicultural?

With the exception of African American culture, there is very little difference in the way that people around the world are able to define themselves.But in a country that has long been dominated by white supremacist movements, the way in which people identify is often defined by the color of their skin.For many people, the […]

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Chicago Cultural Center to Open on Thanksgiving Day

The Chicago Cultural and Arts Center will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, November 23, 2018.The historic, 100-year-old structure, located at the corner of North Michigan Avenue and Michigan Street in the heart of Chicago, is currently home to the Chicago Art Museum, the Chicago Public Library, and the Chicago History Museum.It was constructed in […]

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What is Rape Culture?, Blood Culture and Individualistic Culture

I know, I know.It’s not a new question, it’s been asked a lot recently.And I’m here to answer it, in a clear, concise, and accessible way.What is rape, exactly?Rape is a sexual offence, not a criminal offence.This is the definition I think most people understand.It isn’t defined as something that occurs when someone does something […]

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When will the cultural revolution end?

Cultural revolution: A new buzzword that’s getting new life, as more and more millennials seek a more authentic, less “cultural” identity.The trend has taken off among millennials in the past few years, as they seek to define themselves by their beliefs and values rather than the rigid binaries of “liberal” and “conservative”.But the phrase has […]

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Why pee culture memes are killing America

A culture hustle is a movement that aims to help promote a particular culture, like “a hipster town.”The term is popularized in the 1970s with the release of the movie “Curb Your Enthusiasm” by David Chase.The concept has since spread beyond comedy, but the meme-friendly phrase, which often translates to “put the pants on,” is […]

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How do we get our culture back?

Cultural trips, like this one, are a favorite of tourists to China and, increasingly, of tourists from around the world.These itineraries are part of a broader trend of cultural tourism, a global effort to reconnect with the culture of the past by exploring cultures and places that are unique and culturally distinct from what is […]

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