‘The Irish don’t get this’: What’s wrong with the Irish in the 21st century?

Ireland is facing a crisis in its cultural life, a crisis that is becoming worse and worse.In this video, author and broadcaster Michael Murphy looks at what it means for the future of the country and its people.Topics: cultural-impact, culture, world-politics, government-and-politics-andreform, arts-and_entertainment, arts, united-kingdom, china, irish-national-football-league, indonesia

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How the Hoop Culture Has Made Christianity a Business – Axios

As the Bible Belt begins to swell, Christianity has emerged as a lucrative business, and in some cases, a godsend.Here are six ways Christianity has made it into a $100 billion-a-year business.1.Bible Belt Christians Are the Bible’s “Most Popular” Business It is not a secret that Bible Belt Christianity is growing.In the 2016 survey by […]

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The Last of the Spanish Clans is Coming: Cultural Artifact of a Forgotten Past

The Last Of The Spanish Clan is Coming, an immersive documentary series by filmmaker and designer Nino Martinez.“A great way to explore the past is to visit a place where it’s really still there,” Martinez said.“In Spain, we have a tradition of showing people the past by using history books and archaeological sites, but also […]

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Australian Burger Culture – What’s the Difference Between a Burger and a Burger?

A burger is a large, thick piece of meat, often beef, stuffed with ground meat, usually in a bun, usually with a cheese sauce.It is eaten with a knife.A burger is usually a rectangular piece of thin-cut meat with lettuce and a patty on it.The toppings may include onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese and other toppings.A […]

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Which Brazilian Culture is the Most Important?

A new study from the Institute of Culture, a Brazilian think tank, shows that, as expected, the Brazilian culture is in the forefront of the global cultural rankings, with the country at number 1 and ahead of France, China, the United States, South Korea and the United Kingdom.The study, conducted by the Instituto Nacional de […]

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