Australia’s Cross Cultural Culture Jamming Week kicks off on Sunday

Australia’s Culture Connection Jamming, which started in January 2017, aims to encourage people from around the world to get together and share their cultural and cultural memories through jamming sessions, performances and live music, including the first-ever music festival in the United States.

Jamming has become a common feature of international events in recent years, and this year’s event, called the Music Culture Connection (MCCC), is expected to draw about 150,000 people.

While the first MCCC was held in Australia, it was hosted in the US and UK, and the MCCC is now being held in a third country, with an official opening date yet to be confirmed.

Jammin’ on the other hand, which is organised by the Australian International Music Festival (AIFM), is being held at the Sydney Opera House, which also hosted last year’s festival.

The first DJ sets will take place on Saturday, May 15, and Sunday, May 16.

While a number of festival-goers will be attending, there will also be some free-standing performances by local artists.

“It is very much about connecting with each other, it is about bringing people together, and it’s about having a laugh, having a good time, and just having a wonderful time,” AIFM festival director Mark Hutton told the ABC.

“If you don’t have that, you can’t have a good experience.”

Mr Hutton said the first festival was one of the highlights of his career, and he has been planning the second one for several years.

“There are so many things we can bring to the table, and we can do that with an international community of people, and that is what we want to achieve with the MCCA,” he said.

“We’re not trying to go out and just throw a music festival on top of a sporting event, but we’re also going to have a festival in Australia that is about making Australians feel like they’re part of something bigger than just their local community.”

For Mr Huttons wife, Samantha, the idea of jamming with other cultures is a new way to bond with her husband.

“I think it’s such an important part of our culture to be able to connect with other people and we just want to see each other as people, not as separate cultures,” she said.

While there will be a number live music events throughout the weekend, the most important thing is the community interaction.

“A lot of people have a hard time with that, but I think that’s what the MCCCA is about,” she added.

“What you’re going to find is lots of really cool people and lots of fun and really interesting music that people are going to want to hear.”

A number of music festivals have been held across the globe in recent times, including one held in Sweden last year, but the Australian event will be the first to take place in Australia.

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