Chinese zoo culture loses one of its lions

A zoo in China’s southern Guangdong province is celebrating its 10th birthday this month.

But it lost one of the lions who was born at the zoo last year and was named a national treasure in China.

Zoos around the world are celebrating the milestone of their own.

“Zoo culture has a long history in China, especially in the ancient civilizations,” said Zhou Li, a curator at the Guangzhou Zoo in the province of Guangdongs Sichuan Province.

“And it is the Chinese zoo tradition to keep lions at home as a gift.”

The zoo in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou had a successful first year in 2017, when it raised $1.8 million to create an indoor zoo for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Red Army and other elite troops.

The zoo is now the largest in the world, holding more than 100,000 animals.

Zoos around China are celebrating 10 years of pride and achievement at the age of 100, the milestone that is also the birthday of the nation’s famous national treasure.

But a zoo in Guangdans Sichu Province was also a symbol of the countrys heritage when the lion was born in the early 1900s, a time when the city was in the midst of its civil war.

“It was the start of a new era in Guangzhou, which was a symbol for the new Chinese people,” said Zhang Shuo, a zoologist at the city’s zoo.

“It was a time of prosperity, a very prosperous time, and the zoo was a place to show it to people.”

The lion, who had his name tattooed on his neck, is the first lion to be born in a zoo.

He was named after the legendary Chinese lion emperor.

The zoo also gained international recognition when it was awarded the prestigious Guangdao People’s Cultural Heritage Award in 2017.

It is now a part of the Guangdeng Museum, a museum that is housed in the city of Hangzhou.

Zoo staff were able to raise the lion after it was born, Zhang said.

But the lion did not survive the birth.

“Zoos have a lot of challenges,” Zhang said, “so they try to take the best from animals they have.”

The birth of the lion has prompted celebrations around the globe, including one in Germany that was so big that it was covered with balloons.

In the United States, there was a huge celebration, with thousands of people from all over the country wearing black to honor the lion.

“The zoo is very special for me,” said Yao Zhong, a zoo volunteer who took part in the ceremony.

“I’m very proud of it.

I feel that the lion will be missed.”

Zoo officials are hoping that the lions birth will encourage people to keep zoos open and keep animals as a part in society.

The goal is to raise $1 million to build a large indoor zoo.

Zoological society in the United Kingdom also released a video of the Lion, which features the zoo staff and guests.

“We would like to thank the zoo for their 10th anniversary celebration,” said the zoo’s president, Peter MacKenzie.

“The lion was very special to us and we will miss him so much.”

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