Google to start paying Mexican and Mexican-themed employees for cultural events

Google is set to start using Google culture to pay employees for events, and it’s hoping to hire up to 100 Mexican and Latino cultural employees for its various projects.

According to Google Culture, the first wave of cultural employees will be paid $500 for participating in cultural events in their country of residence.

The first wave will be split into two waves: one will include a small number of cultural ambassadors, and the second wave will include more than 100 ambassadors, including cultural leaders.

Google is also hoping to employ more than 20 percent of its cultural ambassadors to create a broader network of culturally competent individuals to work with at Google.

According Google Culture’s website, “We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to help our employees understand the cultural differences of their own countries.

So, we’ve built a tool to help us better understand and connect with our local communities.”

Google culture is part of a larger initiative that includes a number of initiatives in the area of digital media, including Google+ Hangouts, Google Docs, and Google Translate.

The cultural initiative comes on the heels of a number other Google initiatives to help employees get more involved with their cultural communities.

In February, Google announced a partnership with the National Museum of Mexican American History to host a cultural event for its employees.

In May, Google rolled out a series of cultural events for its Google Summer of Code program, which included events such as a Google Summerfest in Mexico City and a Google Day of Remembrance for Mexican Americans.

The culture initiative was announced at Google’s Google I/O conference, which was also attended by President Enrique Peña Nieto, Google’s head of Google Asia and the Americas, and other Google executives.

Google’s Google Culture initiative is part in a broader effort that includes creating a broader global network of highly qualified and passionate cultural ambassadors.

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