How Green Culture Is Challenging the Culture Wars

A few weeks ago, the head of a national security think tank, James Mattis, told a group of reporters that he believed the United States was in danger of becoming a “culture-war country.”

Now, he is speaking out about the threat of that kind of cultural war.

In an interview with Time, Mattis said that the threat to our nation from a “culturally divisive and anti-free market culture” was growing and that the United Nations had been unable to stop it.

Mattis told the Times, “The threat of culture wars is growing.

We’ve been too passive, too soft.”

The threat, Mattis argued, was to “get rid of a set of values that are out of touch with the 21st century.”

The problem with culture wars isn’t that they are too “soft,” it’s that they “get in the way of real, hard thinking,” he said.

The problem with a culture war is that it “fails to recognize that the way to make America great again is to bring back those values and norms that are inimical to the way that we do business.”

He also argued that it is the United Nation’s job to provide a counterweight to the culture wars that are happening at home.

Mattis said, “We’ve got to bring that energy back to the United Nations.

That’s where the real fight is.”

Mattis, who is in his second term, said he was proud to have been appointed by President Donald Trump to lead the United State Department.

He said he is “proud of the work we’ve done.”

But, he said, he has to tell Americans that the world is changing, and that we need to adapt and get our country back on the right track.

In the interview, Mattis noted that the UN has done an excellent job of combating global terrorism.

He also cited the success of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and said that they have “reached a critical mass.”

“The challenge now is to make sure we get to that critical mass, that the 2030 Agenda, which is the world’s most ambitious agenda, is delivered and that all of the countries around the world are on board with it,” Mattis said.

“That’s where our focus needs to be,” he added.

In his interview with TIME, Mattis also talked about his plans to expand the U.S. military.

He noted that a recent survey by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, conducted by the think tank’s director, found that the military is “losing ground” as a whole.

Mattis said that “when we have the opportunity to make real changes to our defense budget, we’ll make them.”

The president has asked Congress to spend $1 trillion over the next decade to boost military spending, he told TIME.

“I’m asking for $1,800 billion more to make our military stronger and better equipped.

That will make our soldiers, our warriors, our diplomats, and our diplomats-and our families-more secure and our countries safer,” he told the magazine.

But, Mattis told TIME, there is a lot of work that needs to go into making those improvements, including a plan to re-train troops and support their work.

“Our military is a very, very good force,” he continued.

“But we have to do a lot more.”

He said that many people think of the U:S.

Air Force as a “fighter plane,” but that it has a lot in common with the Navy.

Mattis acknowledged that the Air Force “is not a very good fighter plane.”

But, he added, it is “a good fighter airplane.”

Mattias added that the US military has to be able to “fly its own aircraft” and has to do “a lot more with the money” it is spending.

The United States is a “nation that has to fly its own fighter planes,” Mattis told Time.

“And when we go to the air, we are going to have to fly our own fighter jets.

It’s not a new thing.

We have had to do it for thousands of years.

We know it works.”

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