How to celebrate ‘Cultural Tango’ in 2019? We’ve got a list of the best cultural events that you should attend, from the big and the small, to the arts and culture and the arts festival.

Business Insider/Chris Myslok “You have to be in the mood for something that will make you smile,” says Lila Pouya, the managing director of the Culture & Social Engagement and Talent Agency at Talent Agency Group, in the video above.

“And this can be anything.

A new project or a musical that you’re really excited about.

Or something that you’ve always wanted to do but never got the chance.”

Pouma adds that the biggest culture event that people want to come to is an art or music festival, and she suggests that if you’re interested in arts or culture, the biggest thing you can do is make sure you’re there for a show that has the most arts and entertainment-related content.

“You need to be there to see all the art and music that’s happening and to see how it’s getting to the people,” she says.

“It doesn’t have to have a big stage, but it does have to make you feel like you’re part of something.

It’s a very important part of what you do.

If you’re not there, then the next big thing is just not coming to it.”

“The culture festival is where you find the people that are there, because the people are the future of the festival,” adds Pouyya.

“They’re the people who are going to be the future for this festival.”

It’s also important to remember that you don’t have much of a choice about where you’re going.

“The festival will be there,” says Pou yya.

You’re in the place to be.

“But you’ll also need to plan around it.

Do you want to have this festival in the city, in a new location, or somewhere that’s already a popular destination for you?

You’re going to need to make a decision,” says Tania Pouyan, the director of community engagement at Talent Group.

“This is a festival that you want your friends to go to.

If it’s not in your area, you can plan it to a different place in the country.

If there’s no city in the area, there’s nothing that you can bring.”

If you want a specific event to go with your cultural festival, Pouyo recommends “the big cultural event that you have in mind.”

The big cultural festival is often the event that attracts the most people.

“If it’s a festival like the International Film Festival, then it’s really a celebration of the cinema and it’s going to attract a lot of people,” says Myslik.

“A lot of festivals have one big festival, which is a big event, but there are a lot more smaller events, so it’s also a way for people to come together to have fun and to have some of the big events.”

If the event is too big, Myslaski says, you should “move on to something else.”

“If you want the festival to be at a different location, you’re just going to have to move it around, but at the same time, you don’ t want it to be on a big festival stage or something that is just packed,” she explains.

“That’s just going not to be a good idea.

You need to find something that’s going well with your community.”

“A big cultural experience, and a big cultural show, are not mutually exclusive,” says David Cuny, the CEO of the Talent Agency and Arts Talent Group, “So if you want something to be great in your city, and you want it on a festival, then make sure it’s something that people can do together.”

“When you’re making a decision about where to go, you need to think about the people, the people of your community,” says Cunyan.

“Make sure you understand what’s happening there.

You should be thinking about the cultural experience.”

“You want to make sure that there are no restrictions on what you’re doing,” says Paul Pou, the president of Talent Group and the founder of Talent Agency & Arts Talent.

“I think that’s a big part of it.

You have to plan out the events in your community, but you also have to think outside the box.

You might be able to do something that your community can’t, but I think it’s important to keep in mind that if your community is a different culture, then that’s something you might want to be careful about,” he adds.

If that means planning a cultural event for someone who doesn’t know your community well, “you might need to let them know that you’ll be there with them, and that you know their history and your culture,” says Wael Kermaki, the executive director of TalentGroup and the CEO and founder of Arts TalentGroup. “Then,

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