How to get raped in a coffee culture

By Jennifer Ziegler, SydneyNowThe news that a cafe in Melbourne was hosting a cultural event that included a “rape culture” event is having a significant impact on Australian society.

The Australian Coffee Association is calling for an inquiry into the event, which took place last week in the suburb of Bentleigh, to be investigated and to ban the venue from being held in the future.

A spokesperson for the cafe said it was not aware of any plans for the event to take place in the cafe’s premises and that no police or security staff were present.

“The ACA has not heard of any reports of any of our members being assaulted, and have asked the authorities to investigate the matter,” the spokesperson said.

The ALCA said the event was held in conjunction with the A.C.A. Festival of Music and Culture, and that it was attended by people from all cultural backgrounds.

“It is deeply offensive to see a community event which is so deeply rooted in Australian culture, and in which so many people of different cultures are represented, treated and supported, being held by an organisation which is not only a participant but also a sponsor of this event,” the ALCC spokesperson said in a statement.

“This event is deeply upsetting and we do not want it to be repeated.”

The cafe’s spokesperson said they were “very sorry” for the “incidents of incivility” that occurred and said that the events were for all Australians.

“We know that in our society there are those who seek to silence others, to exclude, to deny the right of others to speak their minds,” the representative said.

“And we know that when people are not allowed to speak freely, then there is no room for others to be heard.”

As such, the ACA does not condone such actions.

“We will not tolerate any actions that we feel could be construed as sexual harassment or harassment of any kind.”

The A.CA. has come under fire from other groups and political leaders, including former prime minister Tony Abbott.

In a statement, Mr Abbott said the ATC’s decision was “completely unacceptable”.

“It’s not just that this event was not in line with our values, but it’s the kind of thinking that this organisation has,” Mr Abbott told ABC News.

“I’ve got to say I was a bit surprised by their apology, and I hope the community takes note of that and makes sure that the next time someone says ‘I don’t like your politics’ to you, make sure you don’t blame the AOC for your politics.”

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