How to make a documentary about non material culture

I am often asked what my favorite film of the past five years is.

I often answer, I have no idea.

The short answer is none of the above.

The question I have to ask myself is, which film was the best non material cultural achievement of the year?

In short, I ask, is it any of the following?

Non material culture.

Non material culture is the culture that is not written down or recorded in any written form.

There is no narrative, no narrative structure, no written language, no recorded history.

This is the opposite of the culture of written language and the non material.

For instance, the term non material is used to refer to any of those things that are not tangible.

The phrase non material means there is no material.

The word does not necessarily imply there is nothing, it means there are no items.

Non-material culture means non-material.

This means there was no material that was put into existence by man.

It does not mean there was nothing created by man, or by anything else.

There were no events in the world that happened, but there was an infinite number of events, that existed at one time, and that would continue to exist.

The non material does not matter, for it is the world we are living in now.

It is the non- material culture that creates the non physical.

This culture creates and creates non-physical, non-living things, non material things, that are alive.

The things that were non material do not have to be created by anyone, or for anyone to exist, for there to be a world.

The non material produces the non living.

It creates the world and its people.

It is the source of all that is non material, it is what makes it non material in the first place.

It produces life, it creates life that is both natural and spiritual, non physical and spiritual.

It also creates the worlds resources, the food resources, its tools, and all the other materials that sustain life.

Non material is the first to emerge in human history and it is a great achievement.

It was a natural development and a natural evolution, for the first time ever.

The first non material was not an idea, it was a living creature that was alive.

It created life.

It produced all the materials that are non material and it also created the people, the people who created life, who created the nonmaterial.

There are many other achievements in non materialism that I do not mention here, such as the emergence of agriculture and agriculture, the emergence and spread of culture, the spread of language, the development of architecture, the diffusion of technology and the emergence in the last two centuries of a new civilization, and the growth of knowledge.

The emergence of non material civilization and the spread and diffusion of non physical culture are the greatest achievements of non-mankind.

This essay was originally published on May 11, 2018.

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