How to make the perfect popcorn, and how to eat it

Posted by Ars Technic on Monday, December 06, 2017 11:30:18In this video, I’m trying to figure out how to make popcorn for my family.

I am an avid popcorn connoisseur, and I make the popcorn in batches at least twice a week.

When I’m not cooking for my kids, I tend to be baking, or baking with the kids, or cooking the same food over and over again.

I’m really good at baking and making popcorn.

My wife and I have made this popcorn a few times, and we enjoy it.

When we get bored, I’ll take my children to their favorite movie or a favorite TV show.

When I first started making popcorn, I didn’t have a microwave.

I thought it would be a pain to fry the popcorn.

But now that I have a good microwave, I can just pop the kernels out of the can.

And I can cook the popcorn well.

I’ll also make popcorn with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil.

If you’ve ever had extra virgin coconut oil, it’s really good.

When you add it to the hot water in the microwave, it melts the coconut oil and helps to bring it to a boil.

I usually just add it in one tablespoon at a time.

You can use it for soups, but I usually leave out the olive oil, because it tastes better with the coconut.

I also use a blender.

I like to use the Vitamix or the Instant Pot, which has an extra attachment that will blend the ingredients, but you can use a food processor.

It’s nice to have a couple of ingredients to work with, but it’s nice that you can combine them.

I will use a regular-sized can, because I have one of these.

I also like to make batches of popcorn, so I will make a batch of a little more than one.

But the process of cooking popcorn is really easy.

You just need to add a bit of oil, or water, or some liquid, or a bit more oil, and let it bubble up.

It will thicken up in a bit, so you don’t have to add it much.

I’ve done a lot of this at home.

I have made a couple batches and they’re really good, but they’re not exactly the same.

I have used different brands of popcorn.

For example, I like the Kashi brand, but there’s a brand called Puree that has more of a coconut flavor.

I use the brand of the company I grew up with, which is called Kashi Foods.

I make this popcorn by heating up the kernels in the stove top, and adding them to a large bowl.

Then I add the water.

You will need to whisk a bit before adding the water, because you want to thicken the mixture.

You’ll also want to add some of the oil, which will help thicken it.

And then you add the salt, pepper, and garlic.

I find that this is the most important step.

When everything is added, you’ll need to stir the mixture together, and then add a little of the olive or extra virgin oil.

I will sometimes add some more oil in the meantime.

Then I add a few tablespoons of flour and stir it into the mixture, until it forms a nice ball.

You might have to do this for several minutes.

This is when you add your toppings, such as your favorite toppings like fresh herbs, or spices.

The more toppings you add, the more dense the mixture will be.

Once you’ve added the toppings to the mixture and stirred it all together, you can pop it into a microwave safe container.

Then, I always put the microwave on for 15 seconds.

After 15 seconds, the popcorn should be cooked.

I make sure that I let it go for about 5 seconds, because that’s when the kernels will brown.

I’ll also add a couple drops of olive oil to the bowl, to help it cook even more.

After I have the popcorn cooked, I pour it into an oven-safe dish and pop it in there.

I love to put the dish in the oven for 15-20 minutes, so that the kernels don’t burn.

I keep a container of popcorn on the stove for this recipe, and if I get bored with it, I pop it back into the microwave for a minute or two and let the mixture cook again.

After about an hour, it will have a nice brown crust on top.

I find that the flavor of this popcorn is best when the corn kernels have been roasted a little longer than the kernels of regular popcorn.

I try to roast the kernels for about 10 minutes, and they take on a slightly different flavor.

If the kernels are too small, the flavor will be less pronounced, but if the kernels aren’t large enough, they’ll be too dry.

If you are trying to make this recipe

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