How to pronounce ‘baburr’

Italian football fans may not have been able to pronounce the name of their favourite club, but they certainly know the difference between the word ‘babor’ and ‘barber’.

Baburrs, as they are known, are the traditional name given to the haiti rugby players.

The haiti have long been associated with the sport of rugby in Australia, but rugby is a sport that has been played on the mainland for more than 500 years.

It was the first sporting sport to be played in New Zealand and was officially adopted in 1892.

It was officially introduced in Australia in 1903, and has played a major part in the history of the state.

It is the word for ‘bully’, and it is also the name for the rugby club in New York City.

The word ‘barbers’ also has a similar pronunciation to ‘babi’.

Barber is also a word for someone who plays rugby, and also a person who has hair.

So barber refers to someone who is a good player and plays rugby.

So what does ‘baber’ mean?

Well, in the ancient world, it was a name given by the people to the players of the haitia rugby team.

In fact, the term ‘babe’ was the name given in New South Wales to the player who was the only player who scored more tries than the other players.

Barber’s first meaning in English was as a term for someone with long hair, but it is now also used to describe people with long, blond hair.

It comes from a word meaning ‘bitter’, and so in English it means someone who hates to be talked to.

Barbers have been known to fight for their haiti in their rugby team, but now they are also known for their haircuts.

So while barbers are not the first people to sport long hair in the New Zealand rugby union, they are the first to be known as the ‘barbarian’.

This article originally appeared on Football Italian on December 6, 2017.

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