How to recognize a culture artifact in the wake of #Riots

A new wave of cultural artifacts is sweeping the world in the aftermath of the #Riot.

The latest artifacts are the signs and symbols that are being used to remind us of our history, and remind us that we’re all connected.

A recent example of a cultural artifact is the “wink,” an artifact that has become a symbol of the unrest in Ferguson.

Its origins are a little unclear.

It’s believed to have been first created in India and later adopted by the Nazis during World War II, according to  the Huffington Post.

It is an elaborate hand gesture, typically used to signal a threat, as well as an emotional response to a threat.

The gesture has become so popular in recent years that it is now being used by various public figures, including President Barack Obama.

As of Tuesday, the United States was home to about 2.5 million of the symbols, according  to  Google Trends.

Other examples of cultural art are the “laser-beam” and “glass-on-glass” signs.

Both are made of glass and are used to represent people, objects, or landscapes.

This sign from the Museum of the Moving Image in Chicago is a reminder of the “glass on glass” movement, which took off in 2016.

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