How to write a song about China? From Kanye West to Steve Miller to Beyoncé, there’s an easy-to-follow guide to finding the perfect riff

I’m a writer who likes to put my thoughts and emotions into songs, and I write songs that reflect the world around me.

I also write songs to make people laugh, and sometimes make people cry.

This year I have my sights set on singing about China, a country with a lot of ups and downs and that I think people should understand.

My first few songs have been about a little bit of everything, but I also love to sing about the underdog, and about the people in the world who are doing things that we can’t.

So, if I write a Chinese song, that’s a good song.

I also have a passion for all things Chinese, and there’s a lot to love about China.

I think China is a place where you can learn about everything, from art to music and history, to culture and even politics.

And the world is a beautiful place to be, so I think everyone in the Chinese-American community should be able to find a place to come and experience the world.

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