How Twitter will change the way you consume culture

How Twitter is going to change the ways you consume cultural content, according to a new report.

This is what the company is planning to do and why.

Twitter is currently offering the option to “follow” and “share” tweets from culture sites, but that will be limited to certain users.

For example, if you follow a culture site, the account will have to follow you back to follow that account, and you will only see posts from that account. 

If you want to follow the culture site yourself, you will have no need to follow them at all.

Twitter says this is to prevent abuse by “shady accounts” and is also meant to avoid fake accounts from “bouncing” between accounts, which can create confusion about which accounts are real and which are fake.

This can cause problems when users try to follow accounts that appear to be fake.

The company is also adding a feature to the platform that will automatically follow those accounts when they join a group.

“Twitter is constantly evolving, and we’re always looking to improve our user experience,” a spokesperson told the Financial Times.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to better connect with the people we’re following on Twitter, and the new hashtag ‘follow culture’ is one of those things that we’re experimenting with right now.” 

Twitter is also planning to roll out new features to its “Follow” button in the coming weeks.

For instance, users will be able to set up a custom “Follow Culture” page, which will automatically show up on your timeline when you follow someone in a different language, culture, or geographic location.

The “Follow Content” feature will also show up in the new “Follow and Share” section of the account.

“It’s about being able to create a culture that’s accessible to everyone, not just the people who follow you,” said Twitter VP of Engineering Joris Evers.

“It’s also about making it easy for you to share content from culture that you follow.”

This feature is set to roll-out in the next few weeks.

Twitter has also introduced “Follow & Share” to the “Follow button” and other areas of the platform.

Users will be given a list of people they can follow in a specific culture, and will be presented with a list with people in that culture they can share content with.

The company is currently rolling out a few other social features, including new options for “following friends” and adding more “Follow Categories” to its new “About” page.

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