Mexico celebrates a new culture with a new art gallery

ROME — Mexico celebrated a new cultural festival in the capital city of Ciudad Juarez on Saturday, celebrating its history of art and culture, as well as its connection with the Latin American continent.

The country is home to some of the world’s largest indigenous cultures, including the Maya and Zapotec, who are believed to have created the first written language, a complex of languages that has survived across the world.

The celebrations were held in honor of the centennial of the Maya calendar, which was founded in 1292.

It marks the end of the year and marks the beginning of spring.

The festival was organized by the country’s cultural center, and a festival of national and international significance was held in the town of Iguala, which has been the scene of a violent uprising by the indigenous people against the government of President Enrique Pena Nieto, who has been in power since 2013.

The president was not at the event, but he praised the event on social media.

“The centennial celebration of Ciutad Juárez marks the celebration of the ancient Maya culture, the culture of Mexico, the Mexican Revolution, and the cultural achievements of the Zapotepans, Chiapas and the Maya peoples,” Pena, who is also known as the “Titacopán,” tweeted.

Mexico’s cultural legacy and its ties to the world have been on the wane for decades.

The country was founded as the Mexican state, but was divided between two republics, and is still ruled by the ruling parties, including Pena’s Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

Despite the decline, Mexican culture has seen a resurgence in recent years.

The government, which is governed by the PRI, recently made a major push for cultural autonomy in the country.

However, this move has led to the country being accused of xenophobia, and many Mexicans are concerned that the country is sliding into the era of nationalism, with some politicians even saying that Mexico’s history is racist.

The Mexican government said in its proclamation on the centenary that Mexico was a nation that was “built on the principles of liberty, justice and equality,” and that “Mexico is a country that has endured the hardships of the last century, and that is the reason why we celebrate this year of Mexico.”

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