Which Brazilian Culture is the Most Important?

A new study from the Institute of Culture, a Brazilian think tank, shows that, as expected, the Brazilian culture is in the forefront of the global cultural rankings, with the country at number 1 and ahead of France, China, the United States, South Korea and the United Kingdom.The study, conducted by the Instituto Nacional de […]

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How the ‘third culture’ revolution started and ended in a single weekend

In the end, a little over a month after its launch, the new bakery is already in the hands of customers who have bought it and are eager to give it a go.The idea behind the concept is simple: it’s not about “third culture”, it’s about a fresh new style of baking and eating.It’s called […]

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How to write your first screenplay

A story is a living thing.It has memories.It wants to be remembered.It’s a place of stories.And as a writer, the job of your screenplay is to fill in those gaps.So how do you craft the story?And how do the characters react?To find out, we spoke with writers and producers of a variety of genres about […]

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Which are the best Asian-American and Hispanic pop culture songs?

A few months ago, I was invited to the annual Asian-Jewish Film Festival in NYC.I arrived to a small, welcoming room filled with people of various ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.I sat down at a table with a young Jewish man from Israel, a Lebanese American woman, and a Chinese man from China.All of them spoke […]

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How a group of college students learned Vietnamese culture

The college students learnt the language, culture and customs of Vietnamese, and have been doing it in a relaxed manner, according to their teacher.The group has also been taught to listen to and understand the people in their surroundings, such as the Vietnamese culture and traditional dance.“The group learnt to understand the Vietnamese language and […]

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How to be more inclusive in your Korean culture

When you’re not studying Korean, you’re probably not doing anything that’s culturally inclusive.For example, I’m a fan of the South Korean soap opera “Running Man.”“Running Man” is popular in South Korea, and the show is mostly about a female hero who has a very hot boyfriend.It’s a very romantic, female-focused story, but it’s not exactly […]

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