Rape culture is a problem

A new study from the Harvard Business School finds that a culture of rape is deeply embedded in American society.

The findings are part of the College of Business and the Business Institute at Harvard, which have partnered to publish the study.

The study looked at nearly 40 years of data on 1,037 students at four colleges and universities.

The survey included the types of sexual violence committed, the extent of the offender’s involvement, and the extent to which the victim’s consent was a factor in the assault.

While the researchers say that the study provides important insights into how to tackle rape culture in the workplace, they do caution that it is only one part of a complex problem.

“The findings are of particular importance for those working in and working in relationships with the most vulnerable members of society, such as rape victims and survivors,” they wrote in the report.

“For example, we are concerned that the research may be too general in its assessment of the extent and prevalence of rape culture and that its findings may not be applicable to all types of work environments, particularly those involving work-related sexual assault.”

The study was published online in the journal Advances in Experimental Social Psychology.

It found that among college students, there was an 87 percent correlation between rape culture being a major concern and an overall degree of sexual entitlement.

However, only 36 percent of students reported that they felt comfortable having sex with a non-college student, and 40 percent felt that sexual consent was important to having sex.

“We found that this difference is particularly pronounced among college-aged women,” lead author Stephanie O’Connor, a graduate student in business, said in a statement.

“Women have more experienced sexual assault and rape, but they do not seem to experience it in the same way as men.

In fact, women’s experiences of sexual assault appear to be even worse than men’s.”

The researchers also found that women were less likely to report being raped by an acquaintance than were men.

The researchers found that, overall, college students were more likely to agree with the statement that rape culture is “a problem” than were those without a college degree.

Overall, they found that the degree of social isolation associated with rape was “significantly” related to the degree to which they felt unsafe.

Additionally, the researchers found, the degree that they were socially isolated was “substantially” related.

That means that for men, social isolation is associated with being less likely than women to report experiencing sexual violence.

But for women, social stigma is not associated with the same degree of isolation.

This study is the first to look at how college students felt about rape culture.

The authors found that only 24 percent of those surveyed had experienced sexual violence by someone they knew as a student, an amount similar to the prevalence of sexual assaults in the general population.

However the study also found an increase in college students feeling uncomfortable with sexual contact with an acquaintance who is not their boyfriend or girlfriend.

They also found a slight increase in sexual assaults by strangers.

The research was conducted at Harvard’s business school, and its results were reported in the Harvard Law Review.

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