How to get the best out of a mong culture

How do you manage the mong?With the advent of a culture’s “culture” comes its “buddies” and the mongs have to be prepared for these new breed of mongers.“They’re like the opposite of the tourists.They’re like your family, but they’re not,” explains Marisa Moro, author of The Mong Culture: A Guide to a Mong Tradition.“It’s very […]

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When a cultural institution becomes a collectivist culture

The first thing that struck me about the idea of a collectivistic culture is how utterly disorganized it is.People think collectivist movements are somehow unified and powerful, but they aren’t.There are many different types of collectives, but it is all in terms of the individual who owns and manages the collectives.This means that the collective […]

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Which is the most culturally conservative economy?

The economic and political crisis that struck Australia last year, and the continued debate on whether it has a cultural conservatism that can be cured, will have a long-lasting effect on how the country approaches the world.A number of prominent conservative thinkers have called for the country to move away from its cultural conservatism and […]

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Why did the internet explode?

We can’t imagine how many people will find the article above a bit confusing.The internet exploded in 1999.That’s when the world was in a state of transition, and social media had come of age.And while we all knew that social media was here to stay, it was only when I started researching my PhD dissertation […]

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