When is a cultural convergence not cultural genocide?

The term “cultural genocide” is used in a variety of contexts.For example, it was used in the case of the Indonesian genocide in 1965.But the definition of “cultural convergence” in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights is much broader than that.It also includes “cultural or other discrimination based on race, religion, colour, sex, language, […]

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Why did the internet explode?

We can’t imagine how many people will find the article above a bit confusing.The internet exploded in 1999.That’s when the world was in a state of transition, and social media had come of age.And while we all knew that social media was here to stay, it was only when I started researching my PhD dissertation […]

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How to talk about cultural shock with your kids

Cultural shock is a term coined in the 1980s by anthropologist David Erikson to describe a group of young people who feel marginalized by society.It refers to the sense that the society around them doesn’t understand or accept them.They’re the ones who feel left out, misunderstood, ignored or mistreated by society, and often suffer from […]

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