What is Rape Culture?, Blood Culture and Individualistic Culture

I know, I know.It’s not a new question, it’s been asked a lot recently.And I’m here to answer it, in a clear, concise, and accessible way.What is rape, exactly?Rape is a sexual offence, not a criminal offence.This is the definition I think most people understand.It isn’t defined as something that occurs when someone does something […]

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The Rise of the White Culture: An Evolution of Racial Identities

White culture is a term used to describe a cultural form of culture that originated in Europe, primarily the Roman Empire, but later spread to the Americas.This term encompasses various aspects of the way in which whites have been socialized as people and as members of society in the United States.These include the practice of […]

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How to write a song about China? From Kanye West to Steve Miller to Beyoncé, there’s an easy-to-follow guide to finding the perfect riff

I’m a writer who likes to put my thoughts and emotions into songs, and I write songs that reflect the world around me.I also write songs to make people laugh, and sometimes make people cry.This year I have my sights set on singing about China, a country with a lot of ups and downs and […]

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