How to recognize cultural care au pairs: How to identify the right culture for you

The concept of cultural care is not new.It is also known as the cultural care of a country, country-specific cultural values, or the care of the nation.It involves providing cultural care to help the local people of a place recognize the culture and traditions of the country in which it is located, the way it […]

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Why ‘Egyptian’ culture is better than ‘European’ culture

Canvas cultures and Egyptian culture are better than European cultures in many ways, including how people interact, according to a new study.It comes from a survey of 2,500 Canadians.The study, which has been praised for being objective and transparent, found that Canadians who describe themselves as being Egyptian, Lebanese, Palestinian, Kurdish or Somali are more […]

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Chinese zoo culture loses one of its lions

A zoo in China’s southern Guangdong province is celebrating its 10th birthday this month.But it lost one of the lions who was born at the zoo last year and was named a national treasure in China.Zoos around the world are celebrating the milestone of their own.“Zoo culture has a long history in China, especially in […]

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How to tell if your Egyptian heritage is Egyptian

An Egyptian-Canadian is making headlines in Toronto for the way he and his family say they have left the country.Derek Smith, a 23-year-old from Toronto, says he was born and raised in Egypt, but moved to Canada in 2016.He was told by his Egyptian mother that he was not Egyptian, so he left the family […]

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