What we’ve learned from the war in Ukraine

The conflict between Russia and the West has been raging for two decades, and the result has been more than a decade of war.

The new report by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace shows the conflict is no longer the Cold War stalemate it was during the 1990s.

Russia has gained ground on its adversaries in a number of key areas.

In 2014, it overtook China in global GDP and military power.

But the conflict has continued to rage.

It’s now the second-most-intense war in the world behind Afghanistan.

This time, the war is not over.

The report examines the main players in the conflict, from Russia’s Vladimir Putin to Ukraine’s Viktor Yanukovych, as well as the political, economic and social impact on the region.

It also offers lessons on how to deal with the fallout.

Here’s what you need to know about the conflict and how to stop it.

What’s been happening?

Since 1991, the conflict in Ukraine has claimed at least 10,000 lives.

What has Russia won?

Russia has achieved a huge strategic advantage over its Western rivals.

The country has built up a military and technological edge, and it is also an economic powerhouse.

It has a relatively large population and an increasingly wealthy middle class, which is the backbone of its economy.

Russia’s economy grew by almost 7 percent annually from 2014 to 2020, while Ukraine’s grew by 3.6 percent, according to the World Bank.

It is also more competitive in international trade.

This is partly due to Russia’s military prowess.

The wars in Chechnya, the Donbass and Crimea have also left a scar in Ukraine’s economy.

And it has become increasingly isolated in the global arena, and not even NATO members have been able to challenge it.

The conflict has affected Ukraine in a big way, said Matthew C. Glynn, the Carnegie director.

The region has lost some 200,000 people.

It was once a region with more than half of all Ukrainians, according a 2014 survey.

Now, it is about 10 percent.

This has caused significant economic hardship and job losses.

The war has also affected the political system in Ukraine.

There has been a rapid increase in corruption.

And Russia has continued its annexation of Crimea, which was also part of Ukraine before the war.

Russia also continues to use violence, including cyberattacks, to undermine Ukraine’s political institutions and institutions of government.

What are the consequences for the region?

The war in Crimea, for instance, has caused the death of tens of thousands of civilians.

A recent survey found that a quarter of the population had been affected by post-traumatic stress disorder and that over 70 percent of the people in the region were now unemployed.

That’s a lot of people who have been hit by war, but also a lot that is going to have to be helped out of poverty.

They’re not going to be able to support themselves, said John R. Cusick, a professor at Carnegie who has researched the war and Ukraine’s economic recovery.

That means that the economic impact will be much larger in the short run.

But it’s also likely to be a drag on the local economies in the long run.

The conflicts in Ukraine and Afghanistan have also made it difficult for the European Union to help Ukraine deal with its economic and political challenges.

That has made it more difficult for Europe to help other countries with their own crises, Glynn said.

It would be very difficult to help the Russian economy if it had to choose between maintaining economic and diplomatic relations with the West or a less-than-ideal trade relationship with Russia.

What does this report say about the future of the war?

The conflict in Crimea has affected the region’s economy and political system, causing severe hardship and hurting the local population.

Russia is also continuing to escalate its military presence in Ukraine, which has made Ukraine’s security and economic challenges even more challenging.

And there is no sign that the conflict will end anytime soon.

What do you need next?

The report concludes that the war has made life harder for Ukrainians and other minorities in the country.

It says there is a long way to go before the country is back on its feet and economically independent.

That could be at least two decades.

That would be in the context of what would happen if Russia re-enters the conflict.

Russia would have to withdraw its troops, the report says, which would be difficult.

It notes that the current fighting does not look like a traditional civil war.

It appears more like a proxy war, and there are no guarantees that the separatists will withdraw.

It could still happen, however.

The current fighting is not just about Ukraine’s politics, but about Russia’s position on Europe.

In the current context, it’s more important than ever that Ukraine stays part of the EU.

And that includes the fact that it will be a key part of a future security and defense alliance between the United States and Europe, said Mark Galeotti, an assistant professor at George Washington University who studies Russian and Eurasian

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