When we pee in public, is it okay to poop?

An experiment conducted by a Dutch university has shown that the average person in the Netherlands actually prefers to pee in the toilet than in the shower, according to the university’s media office.

“When we have a bathroom, we want to do it in a quiet place, and that is why we have this toilet-in-the-bathroom option,” said University of Amsterdam researcher Jan de Bruin in a press release.

“The results of this study show that we can, with a little bit of practice, get a sense of how people like to pee.”

De Bruin’s experiment took place in the Dutch capital Amsterdam.

He and his colleagues, along with two other researchers, used a variety of different subjects to get a better understanding of the public bathroom habits of the Dutch.

“The average person likes to urinate in a toilet, not a shower,” he said.

“We were also interested to see whether it was the same for the two types of people.

It turned out that the majority of the population in Amsterdam preferred to pee standing in the public toilets.”

The researchers also wanted to see if the preference for standing peeing in the bathroom was related to age, and the researchers noticed a strong correlation between standing pee in a bathroom and the amount of time the subjects spent standing.

“We also wanted people to take a look at whether they preferred standing or standing standing on the toilet,” de Bru, said.

The researchers also found that standing on toilet steps is also a common practice in Amsterdam, and standing in a public toilet can be considered a social act.

The researchers say they’re not trying to suggest that standing in public toilets is more pleasurable than standing in private toilets, but rather that the research has provided more insight into what people like and dislike about using the public toilet.

“This research suggests that it might be possible to develop toilet facilities that are more friendly to the average citizen, which in turn will be beneficial for social cohesion,” the researchers wrote in their study.

“Although we have to agree that toilet facilities are not ideal for everyone, it is worth considering that they are not the problem that they might seem to be in the world of public toilets.

We hope that the study will help make these facilities better.”

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