When will the internet really be like radio?

As a young boy, I remember watching the TV news, listening to the news.

I was fascinated by the stories and I was so interested in the characters.

I had this huge fascination with the way that our lives were defined by the news we were given and what we were told by the media.

I think the news is an important medium for many of us.

But I’m also curious about the way in which news and entertainment are presented and how we use them.

The internet has enabled us to access new news and information more easily than ever before, which has created a new cultural sphere of media.

For many of the internet’s users, the internet is their primary medium of entertainment.

But as they get older and move beyond their teenage years, the idea of the news as a primary media source is slowly dying out.

That is why the internet has become so important to many of these younger generations, and why this is a critical juncture for the future of the entertainment industry.

I think the internet as a medium for media consumption is going to become less and less important, particularly with the rise of smart phones and tablets.

We’ve already seen how these devices can create a huge amount of information for people to consume online.

We are going to see a lot more of the same with new platforms that are much more interactive, much more mobile-friendly, and much more capable of delivering information in a way that is accessible to a much wider audience.

I have no doubt that the future is going, in many ways, towards a more personalized experience of the world.

This will include more interactive entertainment, which I am sure will include entertainment that is more focused on telling a story and that can be a much more engaging and interesting experience.

That said, I do think the next five years will be very interesting for media companies.

What I see is a new era of media consolidation and a renewed focus on the needs of the individual consumer.

There will be less competition and more of a sense of ownership.

And that’s not a good thing.

The next generation of media companies is going in the direction of more user-focused content and fewer media-centric businesses.

In the long term, I think we’re going to have to worry about the internet losing its place as the primary media medium of choice for many consumers, as we’ve seen happen with the news, which is now more and more fragmented.

We have to take that seriously and not be afraid to look outside the media sphere, and I think that’s the future.

I also think we have to look at how we can better protect the internet from being misused by governments, which have already taken advantage of it in ways that we haven’t seen before.

The news and technology industries are very important to our economy, and we’ve got to work to make sure they continue to be an important part of our society.

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