Which American Culture Is the Best?

In the days leading up to the Mayan calendar’s official debut, cultural critic Jonathan Chait argued that it would be “inevitable” that Americans would look back on the calendar and wonder what was really going on.

“In the context of the coming years, if the calendar is not a celebration of American culture, then what’s the point of this new year?”

Chait wrote.

“What purpose is there for celebrating the year that ended with the apocalypse, that the last day of the year was an uneventful day of rest and contemplation?”

After his Mayan review came to a close, Chait had a different perspective on the issue.

I think the Mayans are an important reminder of the importance of cultural pluralism and diversity of thought, he told the Associated Press.

I think the Maya calendar is a powerful symbol of the power of cultural diversity and of what it means to be a diverse and inclusive society.

As for the Mayas, Chatsay is optimistic about their relevance to contemporary America.

“Mayas were a significant factor in American culture.

There are still very many Maya people who are living in America today.

Maya culture and the Maya language are still alive in many American communities,” he said.

“The Mayan culture is the language of America.

It’s the culture that is alive today.

I don’t think the United States is ever going to be as culturally diverse as Maya society is today.

The Maya civilization was a very important cultural force in American history.

They helped shape the country.”

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