Which cultures have the best culture?

The high-end cultural competency certification, often touted as the most important part of the cultural competencies test, is now the subject of a battle over who gets to claim the honor of “cultural competencies” and who doesn’t.

In a bid to ensure that no one’s culture gets overlooked, some high-profile candidates have been asked to provide proof that they’ve successfully taught other cultures, or at least helped other people.

The question of whether cultural competences is a worthwhile part of a high-school education is a hot-button issue, and it’s something that many high-achieving students are facing.

Here’s what we know.

The tests are not a requirement For years, the high-stakes testing program at U.S. colleges and universities was meant to test students’ cultural competence.

But, over time, the College Board has been criticized for allowing the test to be used as a way to score college credit, a practice known as “cultural equivalency.”

And, the test has become a tool to push a certain kind of culture on students, with some college leaders arguing that the test should be used to test cultural competence instead.

The test has been the focus of fierce debate.

In February, a group of high school students at Harvard University launched a petition asking the College of William & Mary to stop using the test.

The group claimed that the SAT was “totally misleading” and had a “zero-sum” nature, arguing that if you scored high on the test, you were likely to score low on college applications and, eventually, would lose out on college scholarships.

The petition also called on the college to discontinue the SAT altogether.

The college is the test’s main provider, and many colleges use it for a wide range of things, from applying for financial aid to teaching.

In some cases, the SAT has been used to make students take tests that may not necessarily reflect the most accurate assessment of a student’s level of performance.

At other colleges, the tests have been used for admissions or credit-score purposes.

The College Board, the organization that oversees the SAT, did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

In April, the college’s vice president for academic affairs, Jonathan Lott, resigned amid criticism over how the tests were being used.

A year later, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni released a statement saying the SAT’s “use of cultural competents is a troubling practice that threatens the very idea of a meritocracy that is the cornerstone of higher education.”

The college board has defended the tests.

The SAT is not a merit-based test The College of Regents, the accrediting body that certifies colleges and schools, says that the tests do not use any sort of merit-score system.

The ACT, for example, has been tested in recent years, but the board says that it has not changed its policy on the SAT since the test was created.

The board also said that its tests are administered in the same way as other high-level college courses, and that the board is not able to comment on specific courses that the college uses to test.

“The College Board is committed to being a great place to study, and we have always had a rigorous, rigorous process in place for selecting our test,” said Brian O’Neill, vice president of educational standards and accountability for the board.

“But we recognize that it can be challenging to create a meaningful set of standards that aligns with the needs of our students and our colleges, and therefore we do not believe that the College is creating an unfair or deceptive test or that it does not reflect the best practices of our organizations.”

But the question of how much of a role cultural competens are playing in the SAT is also a hot topic for some students.

Some high-scoring students at top schools are struggling to keep their scores, even after they graduate.

And many students don’t even know they have the SAT.

Some of those students say they have taken a test that is far too hard.

A recent study by the nonprofit organization HigherEd found that half of the students taking the SAT were not able or willing to answer questions that are not related to their current course of study.

“I’m struggling to understand how they’re making such a huge deal out of it, when I can’t do any of it,” said one student in the study.

Another student said that his SAT score was just over 300.

The school board did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the study, but a spokesman told Recode that it was not unusual for the SAT to be administered in a different way than other college courses.

Some students say that the school doesn’t have to use the test at all When it comes to the SAT itself, the board has no obligation to use any particular test.

If a student wants to take the SAT in another test, the student would be responsible for taking the test in that other test

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