Which songs make you cry the most when you’re sad?

We all have those times when we’re in the midst of a big day or moment of celebration, and we can’t help but get a little emotional, and our hearts ache from our own happiness.

But which songs are your absolute favorite to share?

We have a few options here, depending on your mood and whether or not you’re in a celebratory mood.

We also have a list of popular, trending and trending songs, which will help you find your favorite.1.

The Beatles – Hey JudeWhen we say the Beatles, we’re talking about the iconic American band from the early 1960s.

They were a group that changed the way we viewed music and we’ve been celebrating them ever since.

This is a classic song, which is why we’ve made it our top song of all time.


Sonic Youth – The Sound of MusicWhen we hear the word “Sound of Music,” we think of music that was written in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

But The Sound Of Music is actually a modern version of the classic tune, written by the British rock band Sonic Youth.

The song’s lyrics are a bit dark, so we’ve included it in our list of best-of-the-year songs.3.

Radiohead – The BendsThe best-selling album of the year, The Bides are a classic Radiohead song that is a modern interpretation of the song.

The Biddys are a group of friends who have formed a band and released an album.

Their music has become an underground hit and has been featured on TV shows like America’s Got Talent.4.

The Strokes – Emotional RescueThe Stroks have been making great music since 2007.

But the Strokes have always had one song that has been on the top of our playlist since we first discovered it, and that’s Emotional Salvation.

In fact, the Stroke has been in our top 5 songs of the past decade.5.

The Weeknd – I Am a GodEmotional Rescue is a very uplifting song, but it is not our top-ranked song.

Instead, it is our #1 song of 2016.

Emotional Resurrection is a song that we first heard on the radio in 2015.

We first heard it in 2016, and it was released as a single.

Emotionally Resurrection is not the most popular song of the Year, but that is not because it is a bad song, just because it has been the most requested song of this year.6.

Justin Bieber – SorryFor being so popular, Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” is the song we’re most often asked to share.

The hit single was also the number one song on Billboard’s Hot 100 for over a year.

We’ve been a fan of the Justin Bieber songs since the beginning.7.

The xx – What We Did in Our LoveWhat We Did In Our Love was one of the first singles off the forthcoming album, Love & Friendship.

The track, which peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, is the first track from the band’s upcoming fourth album, My Name Is Jonas.

The record will feature more tracks that feature the xx, including the hit “No,” which was also released on the new album.8.

Ariana Grande – HeartbreakerThe singer-songwriter Ariana Grande is the reigning queen of pop music.

She has sold more than 5 million records worldwide, and has a huge following among teens and tweens.

Heartbreaker, her debut single from the album, has been one of our top songs of all-time.9.

Kanye West – Gold DiggerKanye has a lot of fans in the music industry, and Gold Diggers is his most famous song.

This song was also his most commercially successful, becoming the highest-charting song of 2017 and the first song to top the Billboard 200.

The Gold Diggin is one of Kanye’s most beloved songs, and is one that fans love to hear.10.

Lady Gaga – Born This WayLady Gaga is a star in her own right.

Born Thisway, which she released in 2012, is a collection of singles that is widely considered one of her greatest records.

She is an award-winning songwriter, singer and performer.

It’s a song about growing up and loving yourself.11.

Kesha – Born To DieThe world’s most popular female musician is also a singer, songwriter and record producer.

Born To Death is a single from her latest album, Ghost Stories.

It is the single that was the #1 track on the Hot 100 in February 2018.12.

Lady GaGa – All About That BassIt is hard to think of any song that really makes you want to dance.

All About that Bass is one.

In this track, the artist goes into detail about her life.

She tells the story of how she was raised and her struggle with depression and

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